Your Home in Atlanta


Mission Statement

A woman gets abused by her husband. She gets the courage to say no, leaves, and goes to a Battered Woman’s Shelter.

Then, she moves on to her own apartment, to independence and safety. But the apartment she moves into is empty:  she often has nothing but a few articles of clothing, and has to start all over again.

Here’s where we can help.   Our team puts it together and delivers:

  • Living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture;  
  • Kitchen supplies, dishes and pots and pans;
  • Bed linens and towels.

                All at no charge to the client.

                All with no strings attached.

Our wishlist



  Two pairs of sheets, top and bottom for double bed
  Two  pillowcases for double bed
  Blanket for double bed

  Two pairs of sheets, top and bottom for twin bed
  Two pillow cases for twin bed 

  Blanket for twin bed

  Crib sheets and blanket

  Four pillows

  Four bath towels and wash cloths

Children's Clothing

  4 children, ages to be announced 


  Flatware place settings for four

  Dishes:  plates, cups, saucers, salad plates, 4 cereal bowls 

  Glasses:  8 drinking glasses

  Pots & Pans:  one set with frying pan, boiling pot, baking pan 
      and casserole dish equivalent

  Cleaning supplies:  Lysol, Mr Clean, sponges, Lysol toilet bowl
      cleaner, toilet brush
  Toilet paper, 8 rolls

  Paper towels. 
  Laundry basket, broom, dust pan, mop & bucket


  2 bedroom dressers

  2 bedside chests or tables

  2 lamps for bedside

  2 mirrors

  Baby crib

  Changing table


  Dining table with four chairs

  2 arm chairs for living room

  Coffee table

  2 sofa tables

  2 table or floor lamps

Target Gift Cards 
$100.00 gift cards are always useful - we use these for last minute "fill-ins" for goods still needed, and not yet donated, at time of installation. Thank you!


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